As ‘Green’ Home Renovation experts, we can make your house energy efficient and more comfortable at the same time. Who thinks their utility bills are too low? Nobody! We all pay those bills month after month, thinking we have no option. But ‘Green’ home improvements can significantly reduce those ongoing expenses, paying for your home upgrades over time. All while reducing your home’s Carbon Footprint.

Square Foot Renovations is affiliated with the Energy Star program, The EarthCraft House program, and Georgia’s own Southface. That means we’re up-to-date on the most current earth-friendly and energy-efficient systems and certifications. Independent inspectors perform tests to ensure that the completed work meets their rigorous requirements.

What are the most popular ‘home performance’ improvements?
Dual-flush toilets offer a significant reduction in those ever-increasing water bills Energy-efficient windows ensure year-round comfort while improving indoor air quality Spray foam insulation that creates a comfortable and efficient ‘home envelope’ HVAC systems for improved year-round comfort with lower utility bills Air Sealing keeps damp or dirty air from entering your living space Lighting that uses far less electricity, for an energy-efficient home Sustainable building materials that are made from renewable resources Other energy-efficient, money-saving improvements that you might not know about.

Any questions about having a greener, energy efficient home? We’ll be glad to explain the options, and their impact, at 770-560-0429.

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