Meet Kenny Down, the man behind Square Foot Renovations

I’m Kenny Down. I cut my teeth in the home renovation industry more than 35 years ago, under the tutelage of the best in the business – my dad, Roland Down.

That’s not a biased or idle boast. In the 40 years since he began his home improvement company with one truck, in 1955, Roland Down built his business into an ultra-successful enterprise, with 80 trucks and more than $15 million in annual sales. In the 17 years I worked for him, starting as a warehouse worker and ending as Vice President. I picked up some invaluable lessons that I couldn’t have learned from any book or college course of study. He taught me to treat every customer as if it was my only one.

He taught me to take exceptional care of the people who work for you. And he taught me that you take no shortcuts, never compromise on quality, and always do the job right the first time, on time, and at a fair and reasonable price. Those principles are who I am. They’re the ones I followed when I worked for many years as a heating and cooling contractor for many of the top homebuilders and remodelers in metro Atlanta. And those principles are the foundation of my own custom home renovation business, Square Foot Renovations. That same work ethic, thorough professionalism and regard for the customer that I learned from my dad is what I bring to you when you engage me to build an addition or remodel a bathroom, kitchen, basement or any other part of your home.

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